Friday, April 5, 2019

Finding my Hidden Heroine by Kate McKeever #heroine #romance


Opening your mouth with the suitable response can be pretty fearless. Read on and enjoy my guest, Kate McKeever.

Have you ever been in a situation where, after the fact, you wished you’d said something witty and sarcastic in reply to a criticism? Or have you looked on in a moment as an outsider and wondered, what would I do?

I have found myself in both situations a lot. As a writer, I tend to be someone who lives inside my head, with numerous retorts springing forth silently or only to be brought forth when I’m five minutes down the highway and clenching my teeth. And yes, I am one of those people that imagine myself as a masked heroine, only I’m clothed in so many layers, I’d never be able to respond to the emergency without getting tangled up in my shoes.

That’s why I write the strong but vulnerable heroines I do. In my current book, Sinner’s Redemption, my heroine is a woman who, in times of danger, responded bravely only to be punished and now bears inner scars, as well as outer ones. Every heroine I write, I find, has an inner core that may or may not be obvious to those around them. But, of course the hero sees it.

Sinner’s Redemption, a Brotherhood Protectors World book, features a woman who has built a reputation as a reporter who isn’t afraid to go into any situation. However, when she meets a man who, like her, has met the evil of men and carries his own wounds, she may face her biggest challenge, that of giving her heart to another.

For Val, the world has been something to conquer, to reveal its underbelly to the public and to find a way to make it better. She has the warrior’s spirit, as well as a touch of the crusader, with the need to heal the world.

So, what makes me write this type of heroine? As a writer, I think I leave something of myself in each book and even reveal something of my character, or the woman I would like to be. And I would like to be a heroine, finding something to fight for and something to heal.

For my upcoming book, Saint’s Fall, my heroine would never
recognize herself by that name. Jewel spent her youth making all the wrong choices to be with the boy she thought was her lifelong love. When she finally realized she was being used by the one man she trusted, she turned her back on everything she knew and is now trying to make a new life in a new place. Luc “Saint” Benatou may not see his own value after being maimed in the middle east, but he can see the wounded warrior in Jewel and is determined that she see the same. Saint’s Fall will be available in June through Amazon, as my latest book from Elle James’ Brotherhood Protectors world.

What kind of heroine do you like to read? And what kind of heroine are you?

Kate McKeever was born and raised in the south and spent her childhood rambling in the woods and reading, often at the same time. She spent a lot of time in libraries as a volunteer and reader, then as a perennial student, so her mother thought. She tried several careers before settling down on her current one. Writing is a passion and joy. Kate loves to write small town and paranormal romances.

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