Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tips and Myths #Thursday Thoughts #Myth Busters

Money saving tips are always a good thing. Here are ten tips I've seen touted here and there. I haven't necessarily taken advantage of any of them, so I am not endorsing. But maybe they'll work for you.

Don’t order movie tickets on line. You’ll pay a fee.

Save money and make your own window cleaner with equal parts vinegar and water with a couple of dabs of dish washing liquid.

At you take surveys and earn shopping points for cash or gift cards at major retailers.

If you’re family vacation is less than 500 miles away, it is probably cheaper to drive than fly.

Adopt a pet from a shelter and save those fees the same dog might cost through a breeder.

Get an on line account for the grocery store you shop and get updates on sales. You can load your grocery store loyalty card with coupons that will be taken off your bill at the register.

Check out your state’s possibilities for saving on property tax. Some offer a discount for over 65 or for widows.

Get a programmable thermostat so you don’t forget to change the temp for sleeping or when you’re gone.

Get retroactive refunds. Most stores will refund you the difference when something you’ve bought goes on sale soon after.

Inspect your windows and doors for leaks using a lighted incense stick. The smoke will find the leak and drift out. Seal them up and save on your heating and cooling bills.

Good luck!

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