Monday, June 1, 2020

Try It Before You Buy It #series #romance #suspense


What motivates you to buy an eBook or Print Book or Audio Book? How about a sample? As much as I worry about Amazon's reach, about putting the little guys out of business, and their power over the author's venue, I have to praise their virtual store access. Why? You can read a sample of a book or listen to a sample of an audio book before you lay out the moola...and in the comfort of your home at any time, day or night. That is a definite advantage.

Most authors have an Amazon page. Click on HERE to see mine. You'll find all of my books and a little about me. You can go to the individual book page to read a sample. OR...

You can read the entire first chapter on my Web Page. Click on HERE to go directly to the "Read the First Chapter" page.

The first four books of my Love and Murder Series is now available on audio. And the very first book I published, Sleeping with the Lights On is also available on audio. Click on the links below, "Listen to a Sample", to hear a sample of the audio books. And I still have free audio codes which I'm more than happy to give. Shoot me an email or comment here. Thanks for checking them out!