Thursday, August 11, 2022

#FreeBook Limited Time #Review #NewRelease


Curse of Wolf Falls (The MacKenzie Chronicles Book 3) is currently on preorder, and you can grab a copy for free if you’re willing to post a review on Goodreads, Bookbub, and Amazon. This is a time-limited offer because once it releases worldwide on September 5, the offer disappears. 

There are two sites that have those copies for you: 

Story Origins: 

Book Funnel: 

Please be sure you can read and review within a couple of weeks before you choose to grab a copy. These sites are for the serious readers who agree to review. 

And if you don’t think you can jump on that offer, then jump on this one: The eBook is on sale, preorder special, until September 5th. You can get a deal now! And the book will appear on your reader September 5th so you can read at your leisure. I’d still love a review whenever you can get to it. 

Preorder sale price here:

Secrets can protect what the truth will destroy.  

Elidor MacKenzie has a gift she can't return—the ability to absorb the joy, pain, and suffering of others. She's spent her life running from what she considers her curse. Now, her best friend is dead, and she alone holds the key to an archaeological discovery that could destroy a culture. With newfound inner peace, Elidor has returned home to make amends and guard the secret revelation. But greed-driven scavengers have followed her. Once again, the energies of Joshua will stir the hurricane, with her at the deadly center.  

Jules never got over Elidor. Twenty years and a famous journalism career later, he's back in Joshua—and so is his first love. If his heart can stand the torture, he'll risk reviving their relationship. But saving Elidor from herself and the secret she won't give up may be the death of them both.  

With Jules by her side, Elidor is determined to outrun the scavengers, guard the secret, and renew their love. But fate is coming after her, and there's nowhere the couple can hide.