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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fire and Mice

The Halloween hullabaloo is over - which for me was several blogs. Prizes are awarded. We didn't get any kids at our door but then we didn't expect any. When houses are acres apart, on rough dirt roads and it's SOOOO dark I wouldn't let my kids trick or treat either. I'm guessing there were things in Chino Valley for kids to do.

We had our own belated trick last night. We switched the AC over to heat and it set the smoke alarms off. It smelled like an electrical fire. There was debate whether it was just the dusty heat smell of using it the first time or not. I say not. Definitely electrical. We turned it off and will try again today in the daylight. Keeping fingers crossed.

We have mice. I happen to think Mice are cute but I DO NOT want them roaming freely in my house. I suppose with the cold temps they are coming into the warmth. When I'm sitting in bed with my laptop and one darts across the floor, I'm not a happy writer. Frank is our mice trap setter. He's got three so far.

Last weekend, we had a family barbecue with my immediate family. We'd hoped for some of Christie's family but her grandmother had surgery and they all stuck close at home. She's fine by the way. Ten minutes before everyone arrived, the well quit. No water. We had some emergency containers so no real problem. We had a great time. But we were without water for three days. Our pump had to be replaced. So very, very glad we had the home warranty program from when we bought the house. This could have cost us thousands. We paid $55 for the deductible. Whew! Our neighbor across the street let us refill our containers as needed. I made a trip to my sister's in Prescott one day and took a real shower. Ah!

Speaking of the neighbor across the street, she adopted Debo, our cat. If you remember, we inherited Debo from a friend. We can't have him in the house cause Christie is allergic so we lock him in the garage at night to protect him from coyotes and feral cats. But he's decided to start peeing on Frank's life jacket. Not nice. Sharon, our neighbor, loves Debo. He spends a lot of time over there anyway. She gladly adopted him. He still comes to visit.

Frank had a birthday. Christie made his requested dinner - pizza and chocolate cake. I think Christie's belly might be getting in her way now. LOL It was quite a feast!


  1. Oh no. Mice are most definitely NOT cute imo. I hate them, hate them, hate them. In fact, they are second only to spiders.

    The cake and pizza look great!

  2. We're battling mice at our compound in the mountains, Brenda. I think they're cute, when they're outside but having one grin at me from the top of a can in the pantry doesn't work. We didn't see any inside for two years but suddenly they have decided to move in. Since we're only there on random weekends, a cat is out of the question but we think we've finally found their secret entrance. The little buggers chewed a hole through the vent into the stove. Now, we just need to catch the stragglers.

    1. We had an outside cat that wouldn't hunt gophers so I doubt he cared about mice. We thought we had the hole they entered in but not sure. We'll see if we get anymore. Good luck!

  3. I was going to suggest that you got a cat, and then read on about the allergy. I think traps are the most humane way to kill them. Incidentally, I found they MUCH prefer bacon to cheese.

    1. I'll remember the bacon tip - except we don't normally buy bacon and we always have cheese in the house. But if we can't get them all, I'd spring for bacon.

  4. Mice are no fun. We had/have them and the traps are set. I use the mess free kind where they go in and can't get out. The makers suggested peanut butter and it worked. Good luck on catching them all. Sorry to hear of the other troubles, but it sounds like they're all working the problems out.

    1. Mess free sounds good. I think we found where they were coming in so we may be good for now. And the heater is fine. My nose must have been off!