Thursday, December 26, 2013

Any Drugs in Your Bag, Santa

 Tortuga Thursday
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.
I do love the Christmas season, but have to be honest, this one makes the record books for all the wrong reasons. Oh wait - one very right reason - Sadi Belle and her very first Solstice/Christmas. My beautiful granddaughter is just nine months old, so much of the traditions meant nothing to her. But we sure had fun. She started to get the hang of tearing off wrapping paper by the third go round. She had a little practice. We do Solstice and Christmas, and keep in mind there are two sides to the family with separate celebrations which meant a few packages to unwrap.

Christie's homemade cream of broccoli soup on Solstice
Solstice was a lovely celebration, but I'm sure we would've all enjoyed it more if my husband hadn't been ill. All of our veggies were from our fields, as is our tradition. Christie made broccoli soup using what we froze during the summer. Our leg of lamb roasted in the oven surrounded by sweet potatoes, golden potatoes and carrots - all from our fields. We had a thankful, quiet Solstice.

Frank continued to worsen, so he missed going down to Phoenix for the family Christmas. I woke up Christmas morning sick, but I made the trek down by myself to deliver and pick up packages.The brunch was great but my energy waned and I left early.

We also have the battle to get enough out of our totaled car simmering on our minds. The first offer was ridiculously low. Only days before Christmas a woman in a mini-van ran a light and totaled our car. My hand is still recovering and luckily the only damage. I've never had airbags deploy. Quite a scare. The week before that accident, my husband was caught in a squall on Lake Mohave. He ended up in the rocks but not hurt. His boat on the other hand is undergoing $10,000 in repairs. Oh my...glad for insurance. He won't touch the water again for another six weeks.

The symbolic Solstice fire.
So...this has been an eventful Christmas season.We figure fate got it out of her system all at once at the end of our 2013. Jeez. Thirteen used to be our lucky number.

I hope your December was eventful in many good ways!

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