Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Found - Remembering Where is the Problem

February is the month of love. You've seen numerous posts on the topic, and you've been bombarded with ads for all those things you need to buy your significant other so he'll love you.

My husband and I don't do Valentine's Day. Thank goodness. I can barely remember our anniversary date. In fact, it's only been the last few years that I have. There were numerous anniversaries I forgot and only remembered when he handed me a gift or took me to dinner. I'm so bad. What's more, we don't even agree on where we met. Honestly, I have this one, but if I can't remember the day we were married it does throw doubt on my memory. We do agree it was at a dance - we just don't agree which one.

I love stories of how people met. After all, I write about love so it's one of my favorite topics. One of my friends met her love on line - yep, on line dating. Another has married the best man at her first wedding. I know a few high school and college sweethearts that tied the knot. And one of those couples married, divorced and married again. I know another couple who are a few years apart in age. While she had a crush on him, she had to grow up and watched as he married and divorced twice before she caught his attention.

In my fiction world, love is found:

*she watched him sing a heartfelt country western song on a Las Vegas stage, married three months later
*she was the little sister of his best friend
*blind date
*woke up in bed with the guy she vaguely remembers from her best friend's wedding the night before
*she runs into his arms out of a dark alley where she's being stalked

I doubt any of my fictional characters will have trouble remembering where they met.


  1. Great post! Brought a smile to my face today -

  2. My husband and I met at a square dancing class. Only one I ever went to. We married three months late. And we're not Valentine's Day fans either. But we do agree to pick up some carry-out and eat in front of the television. That way we both get to enjoy Valentine's Day. Nice post for remembering. Thanks.

  3. Wow, Shirley, three months later. And you were just meant to be at that square dance. Thanks for sharing.