Monday, February 17, 2014

Time Travel with Nancy Pennick


Please welcome Nancy Pennick to Muse Monday. Time travel - love that concept!

First I want to thank Brenda for inviting me to guest blog about my series today. I thought I’d use time travel as a springboard to introduce my young adult books, Waiting for Dusk and Call of the Canyon and the soon to be released Stealing Time.

Time travel…
 In 1895 H.G. Wells wrote of it in The Time Machine and it still piques our interest more than one hundred years later. The Time Traveler’s Wife is a recent addition to the genre and even became a movie.
Waiting for Dusk slowly grew and changed into a time travel novel in my mind. My original idea included a dream world and reality. As I continued on, I thought, “Why not make this real?”
The first thing I discovered was that time travel needs rules. You definitely need them and have to stick by them. There can be amendments and add-ons but the mainframe has to be set in stone--how the character gets there and how they return.
I don’t want to give away too many spoilers but since my second book is named, Call of the Canyon, I can tell you that Katie goes back to the Grand Canyon in 1927.  
Since Waiting for Dusk is a young adult romance novel, time travel becomes an important part of the story. It’s the only way she can get to see the boy she loves.
In the beginning, she doesn’t know she’s time traveling and it becomes one of the major plot points of the book. Katie slowly begins to realize she’s not dreaming and that this world she visits could be real.
Call of the Canyon continues the story of Katie and Drew.  It explores more in depth the affects of time travel on people’s lives. Their biggest worry is not to change history; just be observers. Somehow that doesn’t quite work out. It’s difficult to go somewhere and not interfere, participate or make suggestions. As soon as that happens, history changes.
Questions also arise about age and returning to the same time period over and over again. Will there be multiples of one person? Do people remember you if they met you before? Do you stay the same age? Since my characters return to only one period in time, these questions needed to be addressed.
With the resurgence of the “Doctor Who” BBC television show, time travel is becoming popular again. In my third and final book of the series, Stealing Time, there’s a shout out to the show. Fans, I hope, will chuckle at the subtle reference.
Many people wish they could travel through time. Some would choose the past and others the distant future. Although we realize this could never happen, we can’t help wonder if there’s a slight possibility. And that’s why we read. To escape. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. To go back in time. To see the future. To time travel.


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    1. Nice to have you, Nancy. Now let's hope those shy readers will comment!

  2. Love the possibility of time travel! I grew up with Dr. Who. My father loved that show! My girls are big fans now.

    Can't get enough of Time Travel novels and movies! :)

  3. Thanks, Karen. It's fun to fantasizing where you could go, isn't it? I think Dr. Who has made people start thinking about time travel again.

  4. I'd love to time travel too! Especially with the Dr.!!

  5. Maybe it can be done! We know now there are other dimensions existing in the same time and space as ours.Maybe some of them are in the same space but a different time. I love the questions that are thrown up by the whole concept.