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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tortuga's Gone to the Dogs

  Tortuga Thursday
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.
Xena, mellow but destructive
It's 5:00am on Tortuga Flats Farm, pitch black outside but not quiet. Dogs are howling. Not ours. This happens quite often in the early hours. Once in a while, it sounds like coyotes and may very well be, but this morning it's definitely dogs. One will start then a chorus from several houses around will join in. I'm not sure if they're greeting each other or taking the place of roosters in our area.

Everyone in this area has dogs - not A dog but dogs. We're not too fond of how some of these doggies are kept and the care they receive, or rather don't receive. We called the Humane Society on our newest neighbors last week. They hadn't been home for two days and their two dogs were alone and looked awfully thin. The woman from HS entered the property. She found water and bowls that appeared to be food dishes. The assumption was made that someone was coming around to feed and water the animals. Poor puppies don't look all that healthy.

Gabby, Xena and Rusty
Another neighbor has about six dogs that are the rattiest looking pack. Supposedly, they have saved a couple of them from a worse fate than how they now live. We don't see them getting beat and they aren't starving but they seem so ignored.

We may be over judgmental considering how we care for our dogs who are part of the family. Lance and Christie have two, Xena and Gabby and we have Rusty. We make our own dog food which we've researched to confirm they're getting what they need. They sleep the night indoors. Even though we have plenty of yard space and room for them to romp and play, they get a walk nearly everyday.

Rusty, the elder
Xena eats things like expensive hearing aids. Gabby digs holes in the yard. Rusty is getting old and crotchety and sheds too much. But hey, none of us are perfect either. We believe if you're going to bring a pet into your life, you should treat it with respect and love. Not sure why you would want one otherwise.


  1. Aww I hate seeing pets mistreated. It's nice to know someone watches over those less fortunate. I can totally relate to Rusty shedding and getting crotchety. lol

  2. Calling HS was a good deed, hope those dogs get taken care of properly! My hands are quite full with one Elsa, don't know how people survive multi-dog you said, they are with us to love as part of the family. Situated on edge of open desert, we have coyotes or wild dog packs enter our walled village frequently....scary!!

    1. We have feral cats around here too. Wonder how many the coyotes get.

  3. I agree with your choice to call the authorities. Not acting when you know something is wrong is abetting the wrong-doers. Kudos to you!

  4. I'm pretty sure my dog considers herself our third daughter. She lounges on the couch like everyone else, makes it quite clear she needs her two walks a day no matter what the weather is, and looks put out that she can't actually sit at the dinner table. Okay, maybe she's a tad spoiled. Good for you for watching out for your 4 legged neighbors.

    1. Funny, Jannine. Yeah, Rusty thinks he's dog/human too.

    2. We do have some doggies around us that get a little barky once in awhile, but never too late into the evening. We have had a skunk on our outside stairs, scared away by Bob very early in the morning hours, and a skunk going for an evening walk down the sidewalk, and a javalina crossing the street for his evening outing. Life in the Hassayampa Mountains!