Monday, March 31, 2014

Work Like Mad, Now Wait

When it comes to publishing a book through a publisher, it seems I'm either working like mad to get a deadline met or biding my time waiting. It goes something like this:

Send in the novel to see if they will accept it - wait
They accept but want revisions - work like mad to reread and revise
Send in the revisions - wait
They send back for edits - reread and work like mad
Send in the yet again revised novel - wait
Get the pre-galley - work like mad to reread again for corrections
Send back the corrections - wait
Get the final galley - work like mad to reread again for corrections
Send back the okay to go - wait to get the release date

I'm in the final waiting stage right now. With this publisher, from galley they have a year to publish the book. A YEAR! It might not necessarily take that long, but it could. Angst. So I wait. In the meantime, I previously posted the official excerpt. Thought I would share the opening paragraphs with you:

Lacy quickened her pace.
The footsteps behind her did the same.
As fast as her feet touched the bricks, her heart beat twice that speed. If only she could clear the narrow alley, step onto the lit sidewalk...
Like a magnet, the street light pulled her forward and she lunged out of the darkness. Her hand slammed to her chest. After a hard intake of breath and a fast exhale, she cast a furtive glance over her shoulder. With her head down and the strap of her purse in a tight fist against her breast, she whirled around to cover the last block at a trot…
And jarred with the collision as if she’d hit a cement wall. She careened off balance, but hands grabbed her shoulders keeping her upright.

This is the first book in my Love and Murder Series. Waiting for that release date...


  1. Love this post. It's so accurate. I've now got cover art - and waiting for a release date.

  2. I understand your angst. Love the excerpt! Hope you get your release date, soon.

  3. Oh I did laugh. It's all so true, Brenda.

  4. Brenda,
    Oh, I hear ya. I've also got a cover and I'm in the third round of galley reviews. The upside is that my small publisher is pretty zippy.

    1. The small ones do seem to have a bit better turn around. It is a process no matter what!

  5. And we thought we'd just write a book--little did we know. LOL now I've been through the process once and I'm waiting for the outcome.

    1. Isn't that the truth, DeNise. Writing it is only the tip of the asparagus!

  6. Instead of waiting, why don't you write something else?

    1. Oh I have, Janice. I've written book #2 and am five chapters into the 3rd book of the series. Waiting is waiting, it's waiting - you know?