Friday, May 8, 2015

No Internet? Now THAT'S Fearless!


Sometimes I bemoan the fact I am so "connected". How peaceful it would be if I didn't blog or have email or worry what I'm missing if I didn't have Internet. But when you're an author, it's near impossible to exist without being connected. In fact, not connected would be like...fearless.

Which I'm not!
It didn't occur to me I'd be without Internet this week. My husband is fulfilling a bucket list item by serving as a marshal in a pro fishing tournament in Lake Havasu, Arizona. He booked us at a beautiful state park camp and RV park about fifteen minutes out
View from top of one of the trails
of the city. There's a sandy beach for people and a separate one for doggies. There are trails and fantastic scenery right on the lake. But no WiFi? He didn't think to ask. We've never encountered this. My HotSpot box won't even connect me. My phone only gets occasional coverage and is so small I can't do much besides look at my email.

An old spreading mesquite tree
So here I am, sitting in a McDonald's. I had to drop him off at 5am then settled in this McD's. Nothing like a McD's breakfast - not! Just hope I'm caught up by lunchtime. Might be time to start the diet. If I get out of here soon, I won't be able to respond to comments until I'm back to civilization
One of my favorites - Desert Ironwood
on Tuesday.

When I'm hunkered down in the RV, without Internet, I do get more writing accomplished. Book four in my Love and Murder series took flight yesterday. And I got in two great walks.

Rusty waiting to go to doggie beach
This sort of inconvenience makes me wish for the days of no Internet. You can't miss something you don't have. You can't need something that doesn't exist. An elderly gentleman on his way out, stopped by my table and commented. He told me he used to be plugged in but gave it all up a couple of years ago. All he owns now is a simple phone for emergencies. Hmmm...some day maybe.

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  1. Great photos.
    I too have a love / hate relationship with the internet. We'd get a lot more writing done without it, but who would buy my ebooks if the internet didn't exist.

    1. Thanks, Marlow. So right about sales. Unfortunately, we can't do without it.

  2. Social media and I are not the "best" of friends. I long for the old days (that means I'm very, very old) when we weren't so "plugged in" all the time. Sigh. Oh, well, everything changes.
    Looks like a beautiful place there in Arizona, Brenda, try to enjoy! I know my dog would be in heaven there, and he's just a tiny maltipoo. Have to keep an eye on him, though, so the coyotes wouldn't get him. Happens around here, too, in Texas. Kinda scary, if you stop and think about it. Hey, maybe we are safer inside on the Internet with tiny doggies, curled at our feet.

    1. LOL yes, safer. I've had a cat dragged by a coyote. And a friend had a javalina attack her dog.

  3. I go crazy sometimes with trying to keep up. Unplugging once in a while is good for my soul. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

  4. Unplugged? Good for you! I hope you enjoy your down time at the lake!

  5. Yep, Ashantay, I actually got the first chapter of my next book done.