Thursday, October 13, 2016



The welcome mat is out.
I have an aversion to certain noises. Football on TV sends me running after an hour of the noise. The constant roar is so annoying. Televised car races affect me the same way, although I love a day at the races. There’s nothing like spending a sunny day sitting on a grassy hill with a good red wine and a roast beef sandwich while watching a car race. But NOT on TV.

Then there is another noise, a certain pitch a motor can produce that doesn’t just send me running; my scalp crawls, my eardrums tighten, and my head pounds.

FDW doesn’t have the same reaction. In fact, he barely notices. Of course, it helps that he has a high frequency hearing loss. Where am I going with this?

The new RV, fifth wheel, is working out well…for lots of reasons…except for a few glitches that have cropped up. The noise.

First it was the refrigerator. The motor hums, but not with a pleasant white noise hum. Oh no. It’s the hum that assaults my eardrums and corkscrews into my brain. Luckily, it doesn’t run 24 hours a day, and I can’t
hear it in the bedroom. But, big BUT, it has to stop.

FDW put it on a list of things to report to the manufacturer.

Then the temps dropped enough to turn on the furnace. Ahhhhhggggg. The fridge noise paled in comparison to the furnace. The whine is the most excruciating pitch. My whining about the whine is the only more obnoxious noise (according to FDW). But honestly, I couldn’t sleep.

The call was made, the repairman dispatched, and I’m on the way to my happy place. I’m pleased to report the repairman winced right along with me when we flipped on the furnace. See?? It not just me! Now, we wait for parts. We aren’t using the furnace. Wish I could shut off the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying the life. Some of the Happy Hour Gang has returned, and we had our first cookout. Steaks were excellent, company was even better.
Sadi got to visit, all by herself. The Big RV, as she calls it, is like her personal playhouse. And Nana lets her rearrange it anyway she wants.

As we work through breaking in this new fifth wheel, I’ll take you along the pros and cons of full time RV life!


  1. Awesome, living the life, Brenda!!

  2. Brenda, I'm glad the bad, bad sounds will go away. In a small space, with appliance meant to use less power, it sometimes means more noise...our boat was like that, too. I even had to defrost my refer, because it was a low energy user. Refers are the worst, I think, even in my house in CA! Now that we've remodeled to a great room, everything in the kitchen can be heard...we got a quiet disposal and dishwasher. The brash refer is next to go! I'm sighing with you!

    1. But so odd that in our last RV which was considerably smaller the refer didn't bother me. It's not the noise but the pitch of the noise. Hopefully, the new motor will be different. Thanks, Rolynn.