Thursday, October 27, 2016

Out of the Mouth


Our neighbors at the RV Ranch run the gamut of personalities from timid to tenacious, ages fifty to ninety-five, active to sedentary. We might not choose each other as friends if in a different setting. In
fact, not everyone at the Ranch becomes a friend or even an acquaintance. Maybe because I'm a writer, I thoroughly enjoy mingling with all types of, people.

In the late afternoons, we gather around the fire telling stories and getting to know one another all over again each winter. We call it happy hour because of the social fun and not necessarily what we drink.

Our oldest happy hour person
So pull up a chair, grab your drink of choice be it water, coconut juice, or beer and eavesdrop on what I've heard over the last week.

It’s my way or the Nazi way.

I only buy one pot pie at a time. Don’t know if I’ll be around long enough to eat another one.

He got five quail with one shot.

Slow down. The speed limit’s five.

Be careful in the wood pile. A scorpion got me in the knee yesterday.

This poodle is the best duck retriever around.

Don’t go four wheelin’ with Edna. She’ll get you killed.

See that blood by the chair? That was the biggest damned rattle snake I’ve ever seen.

Did you hear the coyotes this morning?

He divorced his wife because he didn’t want to be married to a grandmother.

Leaves rained down. Did you see the size of that hawk? I think he was after that dove.


  1. Yup, Brenda, we couldn't make this stuff up. Sometimes I think the dialogue in our novels is too 'pure,' because most conversation comes with weird, sometime meaningless stuff. These are a hoot!

    1. Thanks, Rolynn. If we used it, we'd probably be told to make it real. LOL

  2. Best eavesdrop-find I ever heard: "If you fart and your bird dies, you got a problem." (overheard at a coffee shop)

  3. Some classic folksy sayings! Good on you for writing them down so you'll have them when you need them for a book.

  4. Love these, Brenda, especially coming from RVer's. Yep, real life is so much richer and crazier than any of our fiction. LOL