Friday, September 8, 2017

Wild, Wooly, and Hot

TRIPPIN' THURSDAY (sorry, fell on Friday)

A few years back, we retired from the day jobs. You followed our farm experiment on Tortuga Thursdays for three years, but we sold the farm. We traded in the little RV for a bigger one, but we aren’t ready to hit the road fulltime. What comes next? We’re not sure. It's all about transition these days. These are...

The In-Between Years

Are you someone who rises with the sun, whose energy is at it's peak before others put their foot out of bed? I love the morning hours. Here in Arizona, once the sun is halfway between the mountains and straight up, the heat
Horses looking for a treat
blankets the Ranch. Creatures in the basin know this, too.

I walk early morning with my friend Cindy. I'd walk with FDW, but he's on a different clock than I am. By the time he slides out of bed, I've not only walked but written a chapter and had 3 cups of coffee. He prefers the night. Of course, there are lots of night creatures in the basin...owls and coyotes among them...but it's not advisable to
Vulture posing
walk after dark. So, he walks when it's hot. If you haven't heard, I loathe heat.

Early morning is cool and fresh. The sunrise is usually spectacular. There are always bunnies
Cotton tail

skittering through the bushes. This guy spends his time on the Ranch and isn't too fearful of humans. Vultures hang out high overhead.
Makes me a little afraid for the bunny rabbits, but we do have an abundance. There are horses and cows on either side of the RV Ranch. The horses are friendly. The cows refuse to come too close.

Wooly tarantulas are a treat to see. I know we have plenty of
Tarantula by my door
them here, but they aren't roaming around in the open too often. They're good spiders, and not harmful to humans. They still creep me out.

Javelina wander through the park, regularly eating from flower pots. They're up earlier than I am so I've yet to get a really good
Can you see javelin?
picture. I don't care to run into wild pigs anyway. They're unpredictable.

I saw a bobcat yesterday morning. He was no more than a blur as he darted across our
Standoffish cows
path several yards in front of us. That was close enough!


  1. Wonderful post, Brenda. My favorite time of the day is pre-dawn. It's quiet, peaceful, and sets the tone for the rest of my day. I can get so much done during this time. Loved seeing all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So agree, Mary. I get my best work done. But lately, because of the heat here, that first hour is a walk. I lose some of my creative time, but the need to stay in shape wins out!

  2. I love the desert and all the creatures in it. Had many family vacations out west. Thanks for the memories!

    1. You're welcome, Ilona. I like the middle and high desert. Not big on southern AZ.