Thursday, January 24, 2019

WIP Update #RomanticSuspense #series

I'm having a lot of fun with this romantic suspense. This is going to be a fun, character driven series.

To recap from my last check-in with you: Joshua, Arizona is buzzing with the news of a body found down in The Ravine. The bones are twenty-five to thirty years old. That could mean the unsolved murder from 1990 might be related to the unidentified body. Could it be the body of the teen who went missing? Or could the teen have been the murderer who then ended up in a shallow grave? Will Magpie’s father be a suspect in two murders? I’ve dipped into all of these questions.

And I've answered some of them. But I don't want to answer them here. You have to wait for the book. I will say, the murder suspects have been narrowed down. At this point, there are three possibilities. 

The romance has continued to flourish...well at least the sex part has. There are obstacles to a happily ever after. Why is Zack so obsessed with finding what happened to the teen? And when he finds out his connection, why is Magpie having doubts about Zack? 

I have to throw you some other clues to the plot so far: aura, intuition, channeling, genetic memory. There's a mystic theme to this romantic suspense.

I've finished chapter fifteen. I'm probably five chapters away from the first draft completion.

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