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Creating a Kinder World by Susan Antony #YA #Romance


Please welcome Susan Antony to Discover...

First, I want to thank you, Brenda, for giving me a voice on your blog. It’s an honor to be here. My name is Susan Antony and I write young adult fiction. Becoming a writer was a childhood dream I’d buried years ago. One day in the recent past while spring-cleaning, I came across a fifty-page novel I’d written as a ten-year-old and my long forgotten passion awoke again.

While I enjoy reading books of many genres, YA Contemporary and YA Romance novels are my favorites. I adore the genres. Young adults love, hate, and play hard in an arena where the world shines new and the future burns wide open. When I’m writing or reading YA, if I dig deep inside, I can recapture those intense, wonderful, sometimes painful feelings and immerse myself in that world once again through my characters lives.

Often times, I think as adults we don’t give our youth enough credit. Though still physically and mentally developing, teens have valid beliefs and concerns and deserve to be heard. I believe if everyone strives to be as pliable in his or her thinking as young people are naturally, together we could create a kinder and more brilliant world.


When Ace leaves home to spend the summer in Cherokee, North Carolina the last thing she expects to find is a boyfriend—until she meets Cherokee Tribe member John Spears. As Ace and John's friendship blossoms, they find their life experiences mirror each other and they fall in love. Despite hurdles thrown by well-meaning family members and jealous frenemies, the star-crossed lovers remain committed to their mutual belief that the universe has drawn them together. However, when Ace sends John a strange text and then suddenly disappears, the two must rely on their trust in each other to save both their lives and their love.

I invite her into the circle of my arms. She leans against me and rests her head on my shoulder. Above us, the moon is nearly full, casting bluish light across the river. The sky is a starry mess. “Look.” I point to the sky. “There’s Ursa Major.”
“What?” she asks.
“The bear constellation.”
“Where is it? Show me.”
I raise her hand and trace the starry image like I’m doing a dot-to-dot picture. “There’s the head.” I swoop her hand left. “And there’s the tail.” I finish by pointing out the bear’s front and rear legs.
“The way you do it makes it look like a skinny, headless dog,” she says.
I laugh. “Where’s your imagination?”
“Let me try.” She lifts my hand and traces a detailed shape of a bear, describing the air-drawing from ear to toe. “Is that better?”
“Perfect,” I say. “Like you.”
She laces her fingers through mine. I rub tiny circles on her palm with my thumb as I speak. “When I was a kid, I used to fear the bear would swoop down from the sky and eat me alive.”
“That’s horrible.” She presses her lips together, and her ribs shake in suppressed mirth.
“I wouldn’t laugh if I were you,” I say. “Elisi says that bear is pretty bad.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from Star Bear.” She makes a muscle, flexing and releasing her cute bicep.
“You will, huh?” I tickle her side.
She squeals, wiggles around, and digs her fingers into my ribs. We engage in a full out tickle-war. In the middle of our battle, the wind shifts and the earth rotates, and soon we’re on the ground with her straddling me, both of us panting.
Our eyes lock, and I brush a strand of hair behind her ear. She leans over inch at a time until her nose touches mine. She kisses me, only a peck, then runs the tip of her tongue around lightly around my lips. Unable to resist any longer, I pull her to me and crush my
mouth into hers…

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I work in an IT department for a hospital by day. I’m a hipshaker and writer by night, an artist whenever possible, and an Internet addict. I live in the sunny south with my teenage son and two Cairn Terriers.

You can find Susan here:
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