Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Reading and #Reviews (Dean, Gallant, Brennan)

I'm a writer, but I'm also a reader. Each month, I'll share with you what I'm reading and some reviews. My available time to read is limited because I write, but I love to curl up with a book or an eReader at night for the last hour of my day.

I tend to read what I write, but not exclusively. My current read is crime thriller by Lynda La Plante entitled Widows. I'm seventy-five pages into it, and holding my judgement. There are some technical snafus that are bugging me, but I'll keep reading for now.

Here are some of the books I've read recently. Maybe you'll discover a new book or author!

Lady in the Mist by Alicia Dean
A gothic mystery romance...

I’ve read other books by Ms. Dean, and she never fails to entertain. Lily Jackson is looking for a new start, but she goes from her own personal family tragedy into the Breckenridge family with tragedy she didn’t expect. While caregiver to an emotionally disturbed young man, she is both repulsed and attracted to the older Breckenridge man. There are missing women, ghosts, and danger for Lily if she can’t solve the mystery. 

Lost Innocence by Jannine Gallant
Romantic Suspense
I’ve yet to read anything my Ms. Gallant that I haven’t liked. Her settings are well described without overkill. Her characters are interesting. Her stories are involved. In Lost Innocence Nina Hutton has troubles with break-ins, unaware she’s in possession of someone else’s lottery ticket—and a not very scrupulous someone. Thank goodness there’s a handsome hunk who just moved in across the street and is more than willing to give her a hand. Teague O’Dell has a cute daughter and a wounded heart from losing his wife. Now, he’s in the middle of danger with Nina by his side. What they might uncover is worse than either of them expected.

Speak No Evil by Allison Brennan
Murder Mystery with Romantic Overtones
You need a sturdy constitution for this Brennan mystery. A violent murderer who glues young women’s mouths shut suffocates them in a garbage bag, isn’t reading for the weak of nature. Carina Kincaid is the detective who investigates these murders. She's tough with a soft side, and Sheriff Nick Thomas can’t resist. Although Nick is scarred and unsteady from another serial killer case, his brother is the suspect in this one, and he can’t turn his back on it. The electricity between Carina and Nick is hot, but they’re working together to solve the case.


  1. Thanks for posting such an awesome review of my book! Much appreciated!

  2. Aww, thank you SO much for including my gothic mystery romance. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. Love the review!

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