Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tips and Myths #ThursdayThoughts #MythBusters


It’s Myth Buster Thursday. Here are some fun ones to blow up things we’ve believed forever!

Don’t eat and swim
About the only thing a full stomach will do to you while swimming is cause shortness of breath. Alcohol is the biggest risk factor or cramps.

Einstein failed math
He failed an entrance exam for a school…bad enough. But he excelled in math so stop spreading that rumor!

Fishy three-second memory
Goldfish might not be the smartest creature in the world, they can boast a memory span of three months.

Chastity Belts
Kind of kinky to think about what we’ve always believed…keep that mate from committing adultery. But not so. Then again, even kinkier is the real reason: 19th century prudes used them to prevent “dangerous” masturbation.

Alcohol warms you up
Don’t use it for this! It can actually drop core body temp. You’re fooled because it dilates warm blood vessels near the skin which creates an impression of warmth.

Caffeine will dehydrate you
The diuretic dehydrating effect of caffeine is offset by the amount of water in a caffeinated drink. Darn! I counted on this to counteract that salty pizza.

Don’t swallow that gum!
Still good advice but it doesn’t really take seven years to digest. What makes it chewy will pass right through you and the rest of it will be absorbed.

Shaving hair will thicken your fur
Optical illusion. When it grows back, it is blunt. It isn’t thicker, coarser, or darker.