Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tips and Myths #ThursdayThoughts #SaveMoney

I doubt anyone is opposed to saving money. I have a file where I stick money-saving tips when I run across something I read or a friend shares. Here are some of the ones sitting in my file that caught my attention. I'll share!

Don’t order movie tickets on line. You’ll pay a fee. Found this out the hard way!

Window cleaner is equal parts vinegar and water with a couple of dabs of dish washing liquid. I haven't tried this...I kind of avoid washing windows if I can get FDW to do it.

Get an on line account for the grocery store you shop and get updates on sales. You can load your This is a must. So easy. Really saves the money.
grocery store loyalty card with coupons that will be taken off your bill at the register.

The following websites look good, but I haven't actually tried them. If you have, or do, I'd love to hear what you think:

On sites such as, people offer unwanted gift cards below face value.

Get a list of discounts for seniors at dozens of restaurants, retail stores, and other places on the site

On line retailers offer discount codes. Check before you finalize a purchase.

Check out your state’s possibilities for saving on property tax. Some offer a discount for over 65 or for widows. For real. My mom gets a widow's discount on her property taxes.

Get retroactive refunds. Most stores will refund you the difference when something you’ve bought goes on sale soon after. I've heard this, but I haven't tried it.

Good luck saving money!


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  2. Good tips, Brenda. I always forget this, but I've read too that seniors should always ask if there is a senior discount available, no matter where they are shopping. Many places we don't think give a discount actually do. And "senior" is often 55 or older, so don't think you must wait until 65+.

    1. So right, Dee. I forget to do that too. Many places do give discounts but don't advertise it.