Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's Appearance and When Will the Chapter Begin

Still on the promo road for Honey On White Bread. Rachel Brimble's lovely romance blog!

If my house on the prairie ever closes and our new chapter begins, I'll share what it's like going from city woman to country lady on a shoestring. This adventure started two months ago. There are so many houses on the market that are in foreclosure or short sale status, and we tried our luck with some of those. My husband is retiring, and I am now a full time author. Finding a reasonably priced house that could hold two families was our goal - my son and his lady at one end, my husband and me at the other.

We put bids on several and each one fell through for different reasons. We finally found this one, a regular sale without the hassle of bad debt status and the adventure took a good turn. It's on 2.2 acres in Paulden, Arizona with a small orchard, blackberry patch and lots of land for more produce. It has well water, a septic system and a dirt road. All new to us city folk.

It's big enough for all of us. But buying it has not been without tribulation. At last all repairs by the owner are complete, all inspections done and now we wait for the paperwork to be completed, the final walk through and closing. I'm anxious to make the transition!

I plan to share all our experiences - the next phase of life, how we do it with little financially and a new lifestyle to boot!

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