Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hot Spots and Tumbleweeds #14

Debra and Christie in Prescott
Took a break from the natural flow of the day with Debra and Christie. My sister came up from Phoenix, we explored a bit of Prescott and Chino Valley and she spent the night. When we mentioned to someone in Chino that we were checking out the sights he looked stumped - "in Chino?"

We've settled into a routine of sorts, for now anyway, until the land is ready to plant and all boxes are unpacked. The natural flow of the day might go like this:

5:30 am I wake up. I huddle under the covers and decide if I can doze off again or not. Usually not, so I get up, carry my computer to the kitchen island and make my coffee. I settle down to check email or write and watch the sun rise outside the window.

Lance working in the orchard
6:00-6:30 am Lance joins me in the kitchen. We don't talk beyond good morning. No one talks to Lance when he first gets up. (side note here - I have a wonderful son but he's been a bear in the morning all his life) He makes his coffee (some sort of single shot manual drip system) and settles down at his computer in the office corner of the kitchen. He catches up on the news and social networks. The two pups, Gabby and Xena are with him.

7:00-7:30 am Frank rises, spends some time at his computer in a corner of the bedroom. Now I take my laptop back to my writing corner in our bedroom after letting Rusty outside. He doesn't get up until Frank gets up. Our house guest, Scott, arrives in the kitchen to make his coffee and then retreats back to his room to read for a bit.

7:30-8:00 am Christie arrives in the kitchen all smiles and giggles. This lady is the light of our household. She feeds Xena and Gabby while Frank or I feed Rusty. None of the dogs eat commercial dog food so it's quite a process!

Me finding blackberry bushes among the weeds
Around 8:30, Lance and Scott head out to work in the gardens, clearing tumble weeds and unwanted grass.
I remain at my computer, Frank works on a photo project at his computer and Christie works on boxes or laundry or looking for a job.

By 11:00, Frank and I have joined Lance and Scott outside. Frank repairs irrigation lines or clears grass from the orchard or burns weeds. I've been working on removing dead wood from trees and blackberries.

Midday, we eat when and whatever we feel like and then back outside.

Around 3:00, Lance and I retreat inside - me to write on my book, Lance to write song lyrics for his upcoming show with his new band. Frank may or may not stay outside.

5:30-6:30 We settle on the patio, maybe have a drink and talk. Someone starts dinner - usually Christie, Frank or Scott but mostly Christie. Dogs get fed.

After dinner, we've gotten into watching the first season of 24. This is all new to Lance, Christie and Scott. And they're hooked.

Days vary with trips into Prescott or visits from family. Or if I'm busy with  promo - like last week with the blog tour. One day L & C sold their over sized van and then went to Cottonwood to buy another car. A couple of days, Christie and Scott went in search of jobs. And found them! They both start this week on Thursday. Scott is working in Prescott and Christie will be working at CD's Cattle Co. in Chino Valley.
Chino Valley's answer to the mall

Another Chino hot spot - seriously it was fun
Christie had a birthday. Scott baked a cake from scratch at Lance's request. Lance had intended on baking it but the day blew up with computer problems and equipment malfunctions in the field. Lance is our lead out there. We had a fun celebration once the sun went down and everyone chilled out.

Frank's computer is starting to die too. Christie's mom has a lead on a free one and we're hoping it comes through for the guys. Everyday we learn new ways to keep it simple.


  1. It sounds as though things are coming together nicely. You all know each other's quirks, makes the daily transition run smoothly. I noticed Lance wearing a face mask, is that because of dust blowing up or for other reasons? Chino looks fun to visit. Hope the computer things works out for Frank.

    1. Dust, dust and more dust. And depending on the work you do, it really gets stirred up.