Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweep the Floor - Mom's Coming! #18

The last day the earth spent drying out from the snow, Frank and I took a drive and checked out Lynx Lake in Prescott. I needed a break away from my book for a few hours. What a find. And on Wednesday there's no fee to get into the park. Frank should be able to do a little fishing there.

Soon to be vegetable garden
Then the clearing began in earnest. What progress they've made in a week! The blackberries are the most stubborn but it's getting close. I spent some time on the yard and the two front perennial gardens I hope will materialize one of these days. The expenses of planting are beginning. Top soil, a hoe and tree food. There's much more to come. We'll have to rent a tiller. None of us have ever tilled before but hope it doesn't take too long at $70 a day.

We ended the week with two days of family up from Phoenix. On Friday, my sister came up to go wedding dress shopping in Prescott. Last time she was here we found this cool dress store and decided we'd come back to pick out dresses. This is a later-in-life wedding and not the typical black and white affair. She's looking for eclectic. Of course, this trip we couldn't find a thing. We went to lots of other stores but nothing. Had a good lunch and a glass of wine to make the trip worthwhile.

I cleaned like crazy on Saturday - remember, I'm the only one who really does the deep cleaning - because Mom was making her first visit the next day. Silly, maybe, but the mud! I'd gotten sick of it and tore myself away from the computer for the day. Mom, brother and sister-in-law arrived for lunch on Sunday. It was a good visit. The dogs even behaved.

What really perplexes me is why I've not had to take allergy medicine since I've been here. Lots of dust and dried grass and weeds should be kicking my allergies into overdrive. Beats me but how great is this?!


  1. The lake is so beautiful! What a view. I'm looking forward to a jar of blackberry jam for Christmas. As for the allergies, I've heard it's easier and better for allergy suffers in the desert. Who knows if that's true but it sounds good about now. Glad to here things went well with mom and family. I never doubted it.

    1. I will hopefully be able to send you a jar. Great idea. As for the desert, grew up in the low desert around Phoenix and suffered horribly. When I was a kid they didn't have non-drowsy. Afternoons in school were tough. But we aren't really desert here, more plains/prairie, so maybe the weeds and dust are different. That or I am so inundated with it that my body gave up on its natural defense system.

  2. Most of my allergies have disappeared since coming to Spain (despite dust), as has the arthritis. So maybe Jody's right. Hot and dry weather keeps it at bay.