Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Shiver from the Silver State by Mariposa Cruz

Fun with a spooky story and a great new book to check out.

I work near the McCarran loop which winds through the cities of Sparks and Reno, Nevada.  It circles through business districts and around tree-lined neighborhoods the average speed limit is 50mph. In the section near Rattlesnake Mountain around 9:00PM several motorists reported seeing, a young girl sprint across the busy road, her white nightgown flapping in the evening breeze.
The public was outraged. What sort of parents would allow their daughter to wander near such a dangerous road in the dark of night? The authorities searched the neighborhood, but found no trace of the wayward little girl.  The site where she was seen was near a quiet meadow where the Donner Party camped before they made their fateful journey through the mountains.
Reno is best known for its casinos, summer events and winter skiing. Step away from the glittering lights and the ring of the slot machines and you may hear the whispers of regret in the desert.
For me Halloween isn’t simply a day, but a season to enjoy scary movies and spooky stories.  One of the things I love about Reno is its colorful past and ghost stories. What ghosts haunt your neighborhood?

Blurb for Ladies Man:
Clark Stevens has always had a way with women, but his teenage daughter despises him.  When his daughter comes to live with him fulltime, he enlists co-worker, Julie Wahl, to coach him on parenting skills.
As a single mom and paralegal, Julie, has successfully balanced family, work and swing dancing. After heartbreak on the dance floor, the last thing Julie needs is an office romance.  But she can hardly say no to a colleague in need, especially one with dark brown eyes and a killer grin.
“This one’s great. C’mon.” Julie grabbed his hand. Before he could object, she had led him to the center of the dance floor. Julie introduced him to Moira and her boyfriend, Denton. The willowy redhead in the front line hugged her, and all the other dancers greeted her warmly.
“I don’t know how,” Clark protested. He vaguely remembered stumbling through the Electric Slide at his cousin’s wedding. A significant amount of beer had been involved. How did he wind up in the middle of the dance floor with the most popular girl?
“Watch me,” Julie told him. Okay, he could manage that. He’d be happy to spend the entire night watching her in her snug, faded jeans if it didn’t mean embarrassing them both on the dance floor.


  1. Brenda,
    Thanks for having me as a guest. Happy Halloween!

    1. I'm a true ghost believer (had one in a house we lived in years ago) so loved your post. Happy Halloween!