Monday, May 8, 2017

The Dreaded Second Phase #RONEAwardNominee


I warned you this day would come. I'm asking for your help.

I am a semi-finalist in the RONE awards with two books in the same category. (A Legacy of Love and Murder AND The Power of Love and Murder). These two books made it past round one (getting a 4 Star review) on their way to a prestigious RONE award. Step two is a vote...from readers. If I get enough reader votes, then the book will move on to the final phase,  which is Industry Professionals will read and pick the winners.

Back to step two, where you come in. I need your votes. There are 24 nominees in my category, Thriller/Suspense, and only two will move on to the final phase. If you haven't registered with InD'tale before, you'll need to do that. After the contest, if you want to unregister you can. What registering does is allow you to vote and you'll also receive the online magazine each month for free. It really is a nice one, but you can opt out. The point is...I need your vote first.

The conundrum is I have two books in the running. I think I need to favor one over the other or risk the challenge of not getting enough votes for either one. Here's my idea. If you've read them both, then vote your conscience if you must, but I think I'm going to favor THE POWER OF LOVE AND MURDER.

Here's the link:

Thank you so much!

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