Monday, June 10, 2019

Let's Talk #Series with Kim McMahill #MuseMonday


Please join me in welcoming Kim McMahill and her post about series. I love reading series. Can there really ever be too much? What do you say, Kim?
I love reading books in a series. A series gives the reader the opportunity to really get to know the characters on a personal level. We get to see the recurring protagonists and antagonists progress emotionally, evolve into better or worse people, and sometimes we even see them grow old. Even if the story is far outside our real lives, we still often connect to the characters as we share some of the same experiences—a challenge at work, a bully, a crisis of faith, a health issue, or relationship woes or wows.
So, when is it time to let go? It depends on the series. I don’t think there is an easy answer, but there are a number of triggers. Has the storyline fizzled out, has the objective been achieved, or has the protagonist aged to the point that his or her heroics are no longer believable?
I started my Risky Research Series with a clear vision of how the series would develop and end, but I’m starting to realize I may not be in total control. When, and if, FBI agent Devyn Nash dismantles a deadly organization obsessed with controlling the diet-products industry worth billions and brings them to justice, she’s got more to accomplish. Will her next case be strong enough to carry the series past nabbing Coterie? Will she still have a job with the FBI after A Foundation of Fear? Honestly, I’m not sure yet, but in the mean time she has some very dangerous individuals to track down, so I hope you will begin the journey if you haven’t started and see where the drama and danger leads. 
FBI Special Agent Devyn Nash is obsessed with taking down Coterie, a deadly group out to control the multi-billion-dollar diet product industry. The FBI’s plan to expose Coterie places Devyn’s best friend and her partner’s fiancĂ© in the crosshairs of this ruthless organization. Can Devyn protect her friend and bring the coldblooded killers to justice before they strike again while distracted by injury, a sexist bully, and a long-distance relationship with a handsome Wyoming sheriff?
Lobbyist and Coterie assassin Sofia Wilks wants nothing more than to regain control of her life. Sofia knows Agent Nash is nipping at her heels, but the FBI agent isn’t the worst of her fears. She is drawn to a man who has the power to destroy her. 
Devyn Nash’s ribs still ached and pain shot up from the soles of her feet with every step she took. Only a little over a week had passed since she had chased a killer through cactus-covered desert at night in her bare feet. If that wasn’t enough, she had leapt off a rock ledge and tackled the fugitive, which in hindsight probably wasn’t a smart move. She had desperately wanted answers, not another corpse.
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  1. I love reading and writing series. As a reader, I get attached to characters and settings. As an author, I like to be able to use that world that I spent a LOT of time building! Also, it's fun to see how the story and character arcs spin out.

  2. I, too, love reading series fiction, and It has been fun writing it. A series provides an opportunity to really get to know the characters and form an emotional attachment. I don't know how long the series will go, I suppose Devyn will tell me, but book 4 is with my publisher and book 5 is in its infancy.