Sunday, June 23, 2019

The World of #Audio for Sleeping with the Lights On #Interview with Lily Dubuque

Sleeping with the Lights On, the first book I published, is now available in audio. Ten years ago, this month, I signed my first contract with The Wild Rose Press. I’m so excited about this fun, humorous romantic suspense launching as an audio book. I never dreamed that would be possible ten years ago.

Today, I’d like you to meet the most talented Lily Dubuque, the narrator for Sleeping with the Lights On. Her voice makes this audio story perfect! I think once you get a listen to her, you’ll just have to check out her other books.

Let me introduce you to Lily and get a glimpse into her world.

Me: Hi Lily! Great to have you here. First off, where do you work and turn the written word into audio? I understand most narrators work out of their homes. Do you have a special area, room, or nook where you make your magic happen?

Lily: Hi Brenda, first I'd like to say how much I enjoyed narrating Sleeping with the Lights On.  What drew me to this book was the middle-aged main character. You made her smart, sexy and fun!  And the plot was as riveting as the characters were compelling.  It was easy to sit in my booth to narrate this gem.  My booth is in my finished basement. Some narrators sit in a closet all day long. I am lucky enough to have a room! 

Me: In Arizona, we don’t see many basements. When we lived in Minnesota, every home seemed to have one. So versatile.  Thank you for the compliments. I love writing characters with a little mileage. Glad you enjoyed her. How did you get started as an audio book professional?

Lily: I worked as a television reporter in my 20's, and when my son was born, I decided to get into voice-overs so that I could stay home with him.  I have done radio and television commercials and my books.  It is really fun to bring the words to life. 

Me: Wow, a reporter. Sounds romantic in an exciting way. And you do bring words to life. How do you approach a book when you first see it and make the decision to audition a sample? 

Lily: Some narrators only look at how the kindle version sells. But I look at more than that. If I can identify with the characters (as I did with Sleeping with the Lights On) and really enjoy the story line, then I audition. If you are sitting in a room recording for hours on end, you really have to enjoy the story!

Me: How long does it take to complete the average book? What are the steps?

Lily: If a book is let's say, eight hours, it will take double to triple that amount of time to create the audio book. I read the book over, figure out how I will make the characters sound, and then go over the pacing and the mood.  I usually record a chapter at a time, and then edit it. 

Me: That is so interesting. I have to compliment you on the job you did narrating Sleeping with the Lights On. Now, I know why you did such a good job. Although set in Minneapolis, the hero and heroine are from the southwest. You had just the right amount of twang in your voice. And then there was Wesley. He’s one unique character and you nailed him, too. Do you have a favorite genre to narrate? Is there any type of book you avoid?

Lily: Wesley was so fun! His personality was really unique and quirky!  I lived in Tupelo, MS for almost four years in my 20's, so I used a little bit of that accent in Carson's voice.  I like all genres as long as the story is compelling. I have also narrated non-fiction but it isn't nearly as much fun!  What I enjoy so much about your books is that you combine romance and suspense.  I like to really feel the emotion between the characters when I narrate. And if there is a plot twist, you don't want to stop reading!

Me: Okay now some lighthearted questions…

Because I write Romantic Suspense, do you ever fall for any of the heroes or heroines? 

Lily: No, but I have a hard time letting them go. After I finish a great book, I feel like the characters are my friends!  I definitely would love to hang out with Sandra and her sister!

Me: When you aren’t working, what’s your favorite pastime? 

Lily: My husband and I love the beach! We don't get there often enough, but hope to move to the Florida gulf coast someday!

Me: Coffee, tea, or cola? 

Lily: I am a coffee girl all the way!

Me: We have coffee in common. Mountains, seaside, or cosmopolitan city?

Lily: Definitely the seaside!

MeIt’s been great getting to know you, Lily. I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.

Lily: I would love to narrate your next book.  Even if I weren't a narrator, you are still one of my favorite authors!

Me: Ah, thanks, Lily…mutual admiration!

Find Lily’s audio books here:

A secret admirer, a redheaded stalker, and an eccentric millionaire throw Sandra on a dangerous path, just when ex-husband, Carson drops back into her life after an eighteen year absence. Can this handsome, country crooner save the day, or will Sandra forever be Sleeping With The Lights On?

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