Monday, October 19, 2020

Ghosts and Love by Anna M. Taylor


I'm a believer. Are you? In ghosts and the unexplained, that is. Anna M. Taylor is back with some fascinating facts. I've seen one of the types she tells us about when I stayed in a haunted hotel in Flagstaff. She's done her research and written a fascinating romance. Enjoy the read today!

In A Little In Love With Death my hero, Mitchell Emerson, has lost the love of his life because she believes in ghosts and he does not. He believes he can win her back by discovering what is really haunting her childhood home. Instead what he learns is there are definitely more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in his philosophies. I had fun doing research on spirits for A Little In Love With Death. Here are five that I learned of: 

Interactive Personality – This is the traditional manifestation of a spirit, usually recognizable as person 

Ectoplasm – This is a misty presence rather than a spirit with recognizable as once having been human 

Poltergeist – This is an animated spirit that makes noise by moving or knocking things over. It’s often explained as energy being controlled by someone alive and unaware of what they’re doing. 

Orbs – These are balls of light that hover and can be human or animal that take on this shape to make it easy to travel. 

Funnel ghosts – These are swirling spirits usually associated with cold spots. 

Louisville Historic tours has some cool photos of each if you’d care to check them out: They’ve even got a video purporting to capture an orb:


Ten years ago no one -- not even the man who said he loved her -- believed Sankofa Lawford's story of being attacked by a ghost. Mitchell Emerson believes science and reason can account for the ghostly happenings at Umoja House. He seeks a rational explanation that will prove him right and hopefully regain Sankofa’s trust and love. Instead what he learns leaves his own beliefs shattered. Now reluctant allies, Mitchell and Sankofa uncover years of lies that threaten to pull them apart until help comes from an unexpected ally: the ghost itself. 


“‘Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’” 

Mitchell leaned forward in the chair across from Professor John Mortimer. The neat and tidy mid-Century chrome, light wood and primary color surfaces defied the stereotyped clutter attributed to eccentric college professors. 

“That’s your realm more than mine, John. You’re the philosophy and religion professor.” 

Mortimer leaned back, his fingertips steepled. “But it’s why you sought me out, why you’re talking to me about this.” 

“Granted, but as I’m not in the camp of Biblical literalists, I don’t know how to interpret that verse.” 

Mortimer smiled. “Perhaps you’re more comfortable with Shakespeare? ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophies, Horatio.’” 

Mitchell shook his head. “Nope. That’s equally unhelpful.” 

Professor Mortimer laughed. “Too metaphysical for your scientific tastes, Mr. Soon-to-be Commissioned Lay Pastor?” 

Mitchell shrugged. “Too metaphysical for someone who recently just put religion back in their portfolio.” 

Mortimer leaned a forearm across his desk’s glass surface. “So why don’t we start with the answer you want and work our way back to the truth?”


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  1. Fascinating, Anna. Thanks for being here today.

  2. Thanks for hosting me, Brenda. It's one of my favorite topics.

  3. So interesting! Good luck with the book!

  4. Starting with the answer and working back to the truth. I like that :) Best of luck, Anna!

  5. Sounds like a great read, Anna! I'm interested in ghosts as well - hope to incorporate one into a book someday.

  6. Thanks, Jessica. Good luck with your future ghost story.

  7. This subject both terrifies and fascinates me. Thanks for sharing, Anna.

  8. Anna - I definitely believe in ghosts. My aunt and uncle were journalists who used to follow ghost hunters in New Hampshire. I used to work in an old building that used to be a hotel housing ladies of the night and renovated into a restaurant. Several people who worked there had ghost sittings, and their descriptions all matched. Another friend had an aunt who owned a summer estate in Rhode Island and there was a "motherly" ghost who used to sit in the rocking chair of the "dorm-type" room where the cousins bunked in together. I did write a book with a ghost a long time ago - I've been thinking about pulling it out, editing it, and getting it out there. Fun blog. LOVE this excerpt!

    1. Thanks, Deb. :-) Please bring your story out again. The more the merrier.

  9. Another outstanding post Brenda.
    This sounds like a must read and I love the cover art.
    Well done Anna!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, V. I love my cover designer. Dawne Dominique is the absolute best. And thanks for stopping by.