Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Angel and The Demon by Terri Benson #western #romance


A prim, naïve preacher's daughter tasked with getting a handsome, persuasive train robber healthy enough to hang. What could possibly go wrong?

How about a western romance with plenty of action, great characters, and a complicated plot? I'm so happy to be able to announce the release of such a book by Terri Benson. 

Angelique Lawson, a prim, naïve spinster, has an injured, murderous train robber dumped on her doorstep with instructions to get him healthy enough to hang. The handsome, persuasive Demon Daugherty stirs feelings she’s never felt in all her twenty-four years, but it’s clear he’s not to be trusted. 

When his true identity becomes known and she has the opportunity for true love, her own past comes back to haunt her. It takes a deadly disaster to bring them together, only to have their plans spiked by a conniving woman intent on claiming Demon for her own, no matter the method. 

But Demons are fierce creatures and he risks it all to win Angelique back. Just when they think they have their happily ever after, a more violent, and persistent, threat comes between them.

Terri Benson has written a western romance that is sure to please. Get your copy today!


This man, this accused murderer—his face was the sort her dreams conjured. Perfectly proportioned. A faint puckered scar ran down the left side of his chin and another, crescent-shaped, was adjacent to his right eye. Rather than detracting, the slight imperfections reinforced his masculinity. A knight who’d fought a dragon to save his ladylove might have such scars. His hair, thick and lustrous, curled into a large comma-shape which dangled against his forehead.

She wished she could see his eyes. “Are they green? Perhaps blue? Would you look at me with longing like the handsome prince who rescues me each night? Would you want to run your hands over my…?” She clasped both hands over her mouth, mortified to find herself speaking of such things, even if he couldn’t hear her.

Forcing herself to focus on the task at hand, she fetched another basin of hot water and set about cleaning his lower body. She moved as quickly as possible, thankful the majority of blood had oozed down his hip and outside thigh to his knee allowing her to avoid his groin area. She used a torn piece of sheet to cover him, but her eyes kept straying to the spot as she smoothed the washcloth down his legs. Wondering. Imagining.

After wringing the last of the pink-tinged water from the cloth, Angelique stood at the foot of the bed and inspected the man. She noted several more scars, large and small, on his long, muscular legs. When her perusal reached the modest piece of white cloth, she made a conscious effort to address the bedding. She stripped off the blood-and-dirt-stained sheets, replacing them with clean, crisp linens smelling of sunshine and sage. The process took time as she heaved his unconscious body around as gently as possible.

After tucking in the last corner, she breathed a heavy sigh of relief and pulled the sheet up to his chin. She peered at his tranquil, handsome face, struggling to equate it to the face of a murderer. The man was not some noble knight. Not a highborn prince. Just a criminal soon to meet his maker, if the sheriff got his way.


A life-long writer, Terri is traditionally and self-published in novel length, with nearly a hundred articles and short stories published – many award winning. She was the Education Chair for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers for more than seven years, is an irregular blogger (in more ways than one), member of Sisters in Crime, presents workshops at writer’s conferences, and teaches night classes at Western Colorado Community College.  Terri spends her non-writing time working at a Business Incubator, camping, jeeping, and dirt biking with her junior-high-school sweetheart/husband of 40+ years and a succession of Brittany spaniels. You can find more information on her at

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