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Second Chances by Marsha West #SecondChance #Romance #MuseMonday


Everyone loves a second chance, especially in romance. Please welcome my guest Marsha West with her tale of second chances. 

Brenda, thanks so much for having me today.

My stories are all about second chances, and my belief is we all experience those times where things go if not badly, then certainly differently than we’d expected or hoped. You’ve probably had those times in your life. I certainly have. A very short marriage which ended in divorce, causing a real blow to my self-esteem. Losing a school board race I was sure I’d win. Not immediately selling my first book.

I was helped by sorority sisters’ mom to get through the divorce. And I used what I learned to help others in a similar situation. After losing that first run for the school board, I took four years to substitute teach in the district and become even more involved with PTA. And I ran again and was elected.

The rejections for my writing were almost harder to take because that was all me. But I grew a tougher skin. I studied and took classes and attended conferences. And I told myself to keep on keeping on. Those words became my mantra. Along with the philosophy my husband found written on a plaque on one of our trips to Maine. Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end. And I believe that. Even in the bleakest of times, if we keep on keeping on, we’ll get to a good end. My books reflect that philosophy.

Do you have a philosophy that helps you get through the bad times? If you care to share, I’d love to listen. It’s how we help each other. 

COMPROMISE   Second Chance Romantic Suspense   by Marsha R. West



Widowed, shop keeper, and transplanted Texan Jessica Allen fights to protect the green in Tidbury, New Hampshire with its colorful falls, picturesque Christmases, and sometimes brutal winters. She’s angry to learn developers will use Worley Construction, a company she holds responsible for her husband’s death. When a board of selectmen member is murdered, family and friends encourage Jessica to run for the seat. Will threats force her to compromise her principles?          

Developer Jeff Hudson wants to build a retirement center on the Tidbury Green. Despite Jessica’s opposition, he believes he can convince her of the need for the center and that its place on the green will leave plenty of room for all of the town’s activities. But has he partnered with an unsafe builder? How much money will he lose if he breaks the contract to please Jessica? Will more people have to die to save the green? 


Sheriff Halbert glanced at Jessica. “So this is the second incident with you. First we had the message from the dead squirrel and now an attempted hit and run.”

Jessica shuddered. “Please don’t say it that way.”

“Jessica, how else are we to look at it? We have several witnesses state the SUV aimed right for you and Jeff here.”

“You have any enemies, Jeff? Because I don’t.”

“I’ve made a few people unhappy with me when I won a bid someone else wanted, but none upset enough to want to take me out. Jessica, I’m afraid this is about you.”

“I agree with Jeff, Jessica,” Sheriff Halbert frowned. “Someone is not happy with you.”

“I’m going to sound paranoid, but the only issue coming to mind regards building the retirement center on the green. I have been outspoken against the project especially using Worley Construction.” Her glance landed on Jeff and skittered away.

“Dear God, Jessica. You can’t believe I had anything to do with this.”

She didn’t meet Jeff’s gaze.

“Jessica, in this instance, it looks like Jeff is a victim as well as you.”

“Thanks, Sheriff. Jessica, I’d hate if my project has somehow put your life in danger. That can’t possibly be, can it?” 

BIO: Retired elementary school principal, former school board member, and theatre arts teacher, Marsha R. West writes Romance, Suspense, and Second Chances. Experience Required. She lives in Texas with her supportive lawyer husband and Charley, a deaf, Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier. Their two daughters presented them with three delightful grandchildren who live nearby.

Marsha’s four-part series is called The Second Chances Series, also the theme of her nine books. Her Heroines and Heroes are in their 40s and 50s with their parents and children often playing supporting roles.  NEWSLETTER  MRW Press LLC (

Contact her at , and follow

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  1. Your book sounds great, Marsha! I've had a few second chances myself.

    1. Hey, Dee. And aren't we glad we get those? Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  2. Hey, Brenda. Thanks for having me. I bit under the weather today and it's made me late stopping by. Love your blog. :)

  3. I think most of us have had second chances or times when their live changed drastically with no warning or planning on their part (2019?). I love your series and the theme of second chances.

    1. Hey, Pat. Sorry to be late responding. A cold made me lose days. Appreciate so much you stopping by. :)

  4. I love the premise for "Compromise" Marsha. Sounds like an intriguing tale with great characters. Congratulations!

    1. Hey, thanks. I glad you like the concept. When I started writing, I was going for a Hallmark type Christmas story. I just couldn't condense the story into that two week format. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by. :)