Monday, August 29, 2016


Please welcome Chrys Fey to Muse Monday with an interesting look into an author's characters!
Sometimes writers base their main character after themselves or give pieces of themselves to their characters, such as physical descriptions and personalities. I tend to do this when I write. For me, it’s pretty hard not to, especially for the heroine (or MC). This character is usually so much in my head that I can’t help but not picture myself as her and put myself in her shoes. I created her, so I always end up relating to her. I want her to be a little like me but to also be what I can’t be. Beth Kennedy from the Disaster Crimes Series does this perfectly.
I have some physical limitations from spine surgery, so I can’t kick butt as she can. I wish I could, though, and that’s why she’s a self-defense instructor. I long to be more active and to do things on the water, but I am afraid of drowning while Beth canoes for fun. I also wish I could stand up for myself more. Well, Beth doesn’t pause when someone tries to push her around. She’ll slap them silly. I guess you could say, I gave her the strength I don’t have. 

But she does have some of my traits:
1. We’re vulnerable but try to hide it.
2. Neither of us can hold our anger.
3. We like to collect shells at the beach.
4. We have a charm bracelet. Only I bought mine, and Donovan bought hers.
5. And we’ve experienced a category 5 hurricane. 


An Internal Affairs Investigator was murdered and his brother, Donovan Goldwyn, was framed. Now Donovan is desperate to prove his innocence. And the one person who can do that is the woman who saved him from a deadly hurricane—Beth Kennedy. From the moment their fates intertwined, passion consumed him. He wants her in his arms. More, he wants her by his side in his darkest moments. 

Beth Kennedy may not know everything about Donovan, but she can’t deny what she feels for him. It’s her love for him that pushes her to do whatever she has to do to help him get justice, including putting herself in a criminal’s crosshairs. 

When a tip reveals the killer's location, they travel to California, but then an earthquake of catastrophic proportions separates them. As aftershocks roll the land, Beth and Donovan have to endure dangerous conditions while trying to find their way back to one another. Will they reunite and find the killer, or will they lose everything? 


The moment she realized Buck was shooting under the cars to hit her, the tire she hid behind blew. She squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to make herself smaller by pressing her body into the SUV. The Morse code of bullets hitting metal started up again. She could've sworn she felt the SUV shaking with the continuous beat of bullets slamming into it, except the shaking was below her feet. It started gentle but as soon as she noticed, it became violent. 


She fell backward and struggled to get back up. Her body bounced up and down and rolled from side to side simultaneously, which told her the quake's epicenter was close. The origin could've been beneath the hotel for all she knew. A light came crashing down from the ceiling and slammed into the concrete floor with such power it exploded into a trillion stars. Glass shot out in all directions like the Big Bang. Beth screamed and covered her face with her hands as tiny pieces of glass bit the skin on her arms. 

She fought onto her hands and knees and hugged the tire to keep from falling over again. The intensity of the tremors grew. The concrete below her feet didn't feel solid anymore. It felt alive, as if two gigantic gophers burrowed through the earth. The truck behind her slid with the vicious shock waves and bumped into her, pushing her roughly into the tire. She let out a cry of panic. 




Chrys Fey is the author of Hurricane Crimes, Book One in the Disaster Crimes series, as well as these releases from The Wild Rose Press: 30 Seconds, Ghost of Death, and Witch of Death. She is an administrator for the Insecure Writer's Support Group and creates their monthly newsletter.

Fey lives in Florida and is always on the lookout for hurricanes. She has four adopted cats who keep her entertained with their antics, and three nephews who keep her entertained with their antics. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and through her blog, Write with Fey. She loves to get to know her readers! 



  1. Great post, Chrys. Loved learning more about you. I agree that no matter what genre we write in, our MC reflect something of ourselves, even if it's what we wish we could do, such as your Beth. I certainly enjoyed Beth!

    1. Hi, Barbara! Thank you for your comment. :) I truly enjoy giving my MCs bits of myself. Even my heroes. :)

  2. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Brenda! I love being here. :)

  3. Great post, found out a lot about Chrys and her new book! Looks like an awesome thriller!

  4. It's hard not to put a piece of ourselves into the characters. In my first WIP, my personality was broken out between three characters, really. It was funny to discover it when going back through.

  5. I have this notion every character a writer creates can have a little piece of the author inside of them. We're complex and evolve over time. I've added your book to my list to read. Best!

  6. Great post. As much as I try to make my MCs different, I think they all have many elements of me, but usually only the ones I like. :-)

  7. Great post, Chrys. I think many authors give a piece of themselves to their characters. It's how we write what we know. Best of luck with your release!