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Monday, June 19, 2017

Flexing Time and Muscle Between the Ears


It’s Muse Monday, but I’ve asked my muse to take a break for a couple of months. How’s that working for me? Not so perfect. Voices are whispering in my head. Hopefully, they won’t start clamoring until I get accomplished what I want before the end of summer—other writer jobs and relaxing now and then.

For instance, a drive to the top of the Mogollon Rim. I shared a couple of photos last time I posted. Flexible is my new mode of operation for the summer. If FDW says “take a ride with me and I’ll show you the fire by the lake last week,” I drop what I’m doing and go.  This area is so dry, we’re on high alert for fire. There have been several. One is still burning on the rim. Or he says, “let’s go to a movie,” I grab my purse and sprint to the car. Love going to a movie, and I’m going without guilt. Well, not real guilty anyway. I don’t have a work in progress, but I am setting up promotion opportunities. By the way, Wonder Woman was better than I expected. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, what am I doing if not writing? Some more famous authors than myself like to say the best promotion is writing the next book. I don’t totally disagree, but if no one knows I have ten books out there to purchase, writing another one isn’t getting me anymore fans. But this promo stuff taxes my brain more than writing. My last week has gone like this:

I spent three hours getting my books uploaded to Ask David.

FDW spent the better part of a day researching Amazon advertising, only to find out I have to go through my publisher to place an ad. That’s now in the works.

I wasted over an hour trying to upload information to my publisher for getting my books on audio. We still don’t have the problem figured out. Worry about that later in the week.

FDW spent the better part of another afternoon researching how to advertise on Facebook. No determination yet, if I will go that direction.

For two days, I read and studied all of the promotion advice and links I’ve saved over the last year. Kept some, tossed others. Got a general plan of attack.

I’ve contacted several blog sites and booked dates for future guest appearances.

I’ve reacquainted myself with Twitter and am now tweeting again, daily.

The maximum number of books I can list are now on Hometown Reads.

Planning some giveaways on Amazon and Goodreads.

And the list of “to do” has only been dented. Yep, publishing books is not just about writing.

How long can I keep this up without starting my next series? Not sure. But here’s a hint: three friends, Jerome, AZ, a touch of supernatural swirling through the suspense and romance. It’s percolating!


  1. I admire your determination to promote. I just hate it and do as little of it as I can. Right now I tell myself there are so many books out there, what little I can do in the little time I have won't make a difference. I'd love it if you could prove me wrong. Well, not love it, but be inclined to be more determined to try the promotion game.

    1. Maybe I'll follow up at the end of the summer with results on my efforts, Mary. If I don't see any, you can bet I won't keep at it. I hate it, too.

    2. Brenda,
      I would appreciate it if you would do a follow up at the end of the summer on how your promotional efforts worked out. I'm still struggling to find something that works for more than the occasional sale here and there.

    3. Katherine, I plan on it. Should be a good experiment.

  2. Hi Brenda, You've been busy. I also struggle with promotion--a necessary evil. Good luck!