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Monday, June 5, 2017

Writer's Butt


I heaved the biggest sigh ever two days ago...I hit send and off went the fifth book in my Love and Murder Series to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. This book was completed in record time if only the days I sat at the keyboard count.

The last eight months or so had me so torn in so many directions that there were consecutive days when no writing happened. So, when I finally had the June 1 deadline looming too close for comfort, I had to crank it out. And I did. Six and eight hour days looking at the computer screen had my eyes burning and my butt...never mind. I'll tell you this, I gained four pounds and more jiggles with my lack of activity.

I'm lucky to have critique partners who could do a fast read of the whole book before I sent it off to my editor.

There is still a lot of work ahead before you see it on the virtual bookshelves. I'll have to read it at
least three more times, cover to cover, for edits from TWRP. I have to write the back cover blurb, create tweets, and come up with a tagline. I need a dedication and acknowledgements. This is a few months worth of work.

Book Five coming soon!

But for a week or so, I'm giving myself a breather. Funny, after three days of being away from the book, I kind of miss my characters. In fact, now that the last book is written and out of my hands, I miss the whole cast of friends and relatives of the Love and Murder Series. They've been my companions for a couple of years. Okay, getting weird.

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