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Thursday, June 22, 2017

What a Trip...Not So Much



The RV life has ups and downs. The "big RV", as our granddaughter calls it, isn't even a year old. We've had some problems with it since day one...heater, refrigerator, leaking pipes, badly installed trim and odds and ends. The leak under the sink ruined the wood of the center island and has to be replaced. When we took it to the dealer in February, they couldn't complete the repairs because the parts ordered were wrong. We were not happy, and we expressed our displeasure firm enough that we got a free dinner on them. Not a total loss.

So jump ahead to this month and another appointment to get the island replaced along with the other things that have gone haywire. There's a wide wood panel next to the fireplace that has pulled away from the wall by a couple of inches. The fifth wheel hitch area is coming apart. And a couple of other smaller things. In order to get to the dealer in Prescott from Tonto Basin, the mountain has to be scaled. I'm referring to the Mogollon Rim. Scaling this little hill in the hottest weather in some time was just a stupid idea. We got part way and our truck over heated. We turned around and headed back to the basin.

But...we didn't stay. It was just too hot. A few days in Prescott with Mom and sister in somewhat cooler Prescott, and then on to our son's. Temps are hot all over Arizona right now, but they have great AC.

One more wild thing. Today is our wedding anniversary. Forty-nine years. I'm not old enough to have been married this many years! FDW is, but I'm not.