Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Artists Helping Artists: Collaborating on a Suspense Book Cover by Rolynn Anderson


Ghosts qualify for wicked. And Rolynn Anderson is about to release a really great suspense novel.

My newest novel, Cézanne’s Ghost, releases in a couple of weeks.  If you enjoy suspense novels, spiked with romance, and have some time to read my story and consider reviewing it, please let me know and I’ll send you an advance copy!  Email me at rolynna (at) One example of artists helping each other, right? 

Here’s another stunning example of artists collaborating.  About a year ago, I was looking for a sketch of a woman to use on my Cézanne’s Ghost cover.  I discovered the work of Jeff Haines.  When I first contacted him on e-mail, he explained he sold custom drawings; he had never worked with a novelist who wanted cover art.  The price he quoted was impossible for me to pay, so I passed on the picture.  Later, because I was attached to the picture, I decided to negotiate with him. He said he liked the artist-to-artist relationship and gave me I price I could afford. Yay! 

Here’s a picture of Aline, my heroine, sketched by Jeff. 

But there’s more to a cover than a sketch of a woman.  Who could help me interpret my story into a picture that enticed readers? 

Enter Kris Lynn.  Now, I met Kris at a conference in Hollywood.  She took a look at some of my covers from the past, and told me she’d like to help me interpret my works.  I said ‘Yes!’  Kris Lynn listened closely to what I wanted for Cézanne’s Ghost, and here is her result, which includes a wonderful painting by Cézanne.  I couldn’t be happier with her creation.  The picture of Aline creates a ghostly presence (perfect for suspense) and my title underlines the mystery.  Cézanne’s picture provides the exotic beauty of Aix-en-Provence.  Here it is:

Five artists: a writer, an editor, a formatter, a sketch master, and a cover creator.  How lucky we are to work with brilliant colleagues!  Do you have a story about how another artist helped you with your work? 

Here’s a summary of Cézanne’s Ghost:
Three young American women vanish in Aix-en-Provence, France. The FBI suspects their American tour guide.

Leon Beaudet, formerly a U.S. Olympic wrestler, is proud of his five-star guide business, but when tourists disappear on his watch, the FBI dredges up a violent episode in Leon’s past and tap him for the crime. Worse, his new tour group includes Aline Kerig, who is as beautiful and carefree as the three missing women. Leon is fascinated and puzzled by Aline even while he fears for her safety. She refuses to go back to the States, forcing the FBI and local police to involve her in the hunt.

With the French tourist industry about to collapse and Leon as a prime suspect, how does he protect Aline and find his lost tourists? 

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