Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wicked Ideas by Luanna Stewart


I am very happy to have Luanna Stewart as my guest again today. Last Wednesday, I posted so late that you might have missed it. Let's get wicked...again!

Evidently, through no fault of my own, bits of my personality shine through in my characters. I’ve written heroines who love to bake, heroines who love the outdoors, and heroines who knit when they need a distraction from real life. All me. 

The heroine in my latest book loves to learn. When she’s confronted with a dilemma or with a problem that needs solving, she’ll go to the experts in that field and learn everything she can. She’s also stubborn as a goat. I freely admit to curiosity. Some call me stubborn, though I can’t imagine why.  

My heroine, Sybil, was almost 30-years-old and hell-bent on losing her innocence. From what she’d witnessed, however, husbands were more trouble than they were worth. So, after consulting an “expert”, she decided to take a lover.  Who better to serve that role than her brother’s friend, Max. 

I had tremendous fun writing the scene wherein she got the courage to suggest an improper liaison. Max was scandalized, of course. Proper young ladies shouldn’t even have thoughts of taking a lover. And when, after a kiss, she mentioned his obvious physical response in the trouser region, all he wanted to do was escape. He was an honourable man. If she wanted him in her bed she’d have to wait until they were wed. Sybil had no intention of waiting. Did I mention she was stubborn? Poor Max, I felt sorry for him after writing that scene. He really thought he was in control of the situation. 

Do you see yourself as others see you? Or are you surprised, like I am, when I see little bits of me in my characters and only then realize they are little bits of me? 

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