Monday, January 8, 2018

What Awaits YOU in 2018 #Gifts #Prizes #Suspense


It's the start of another grrrreat year. I've got so much planned that I'm already running 50 miles an hour with ten goals dangling a carrot to keep me on the treadmill.

I've got several new promotions planned, joined a couple of great groups, and I'll write about those in upcoming posts.

I've began writing a new series, yet to be named. The books are inspired by Jerome, Arizona. In fact, I'm writing two books at the same time for that series. I jump between 1970 and 2018 on any given day. This series has me so excited. It's romantic suspense with a mystical twist.

It's also a new year for my Quarterly Newsletter Group. And like the last couple of years, I'm giving a gift each month to someone from the group. All that's required is you remain a loyal newsletter member. Not only are do my members have a chance at a monthly gift, but they receive a quarterly report on what's new in my writing world, what's might be new in the reader world at large, and other interesting tidbits. Four times a year...and if you want to hear from me more often, all you have to do is give me a holler via email.

Hurry on over and click here to join my Quarterly Newsletter Group.

Here are this year's prizes:
Jan       $10 AMC Movie Gift Certificate
Feb      Costume Jewelry
Mar      Shell Spreading Knives
Apr      $5 Amazon Gift Card
May     Costume Jewelry
Jun       Southwest Style Bathroom Set
Jul        $5 Amazon Gift Card
Aug     Bug in a Bag with Knife
Sep      Costume Jewelry
Oct      $5 Amazon Gift Card
Nov     Holiday themed
Dec      $10 Amazon Gift Card

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