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After receiving a new review for A Legacy of Love and Murder, series book three, from Long and Short Reviews (LASR), I had to share a few tidbits about the where did I get my inspiration and just why did I set it in Austria. Getting a review from LASR is not an easy feat, and getting a 4 STAR review is fantastic. They found my book fun, suspenseful, and just enough romance in this edge of your seat story. I used passion, too, for art, love, and keeping Austria free.

"I was on the edge of my seat wondering how far the villain would go! I really enjoyed reading A Legacy of Love and Murder. The pacing and suspense are very well done, and Tobias and August make a great couple. While this is book three in the series, it stands alone very well. Fans of romantic suspense would do well to pick up a copy today."
In book one of the series, Lacy Dahl learns she is next in line to inherit an Austrian castle and estate
Friend and inspiration, Harte
from a grandfather she doesn't know.  She didn't know her parents since they died when she was a baby so it seemed fun to make one of them a wealthy castle owner. Why Austria? I'm never totally sure why I choose settings, names, personalities, etc. I have a friend in Austria I'm very fond of and he's good looking so he might have been inspiration to create a hero who speaks German. I've been to Austria and fell in love with the landscape and the people. It wasn't a stretch for me to visualize the country and plop you down in the middle of it with the spectacular Alps as a backdrop.

Austria, with Harte years ago
I had a lot of fun with the two main characters. August (named for my birth month), who is Lacy's daughter, is feisty and a bit flighty. She's twenty-three, owns an art gallery, and is passionate about art. And then there is Inspector Tobias Wolf. Think Austrian James Bond. He's thirty-nine, sophisticated, and comes from a family of wealth living in their own castle. They make an interesting couple. She calls him Wolf.

In Austria to meet her great-grandfather and explore his castle estate filled with priceless art, August Myer arrives to find he’s died suspiciously. As one of the heirs, her life is in danger, turning this fairytale Alpine adventure into a nightmare of veiled threats, unexplained accidents, and murder.

Inspector Tobias Wolf splits his time between his profession and fighting the spread of neo-Nazism. But when the beautiful, intriguing American crosses his path during a murder investigation, ensuring her safety challenges his priorities…and his heart.

When August learns the handsome inspector is concealing a personal involvement and the death of her great-grandfather is somehow connected, she takes the investigation into her own hands. The outcome could be the death of both of them.

So, come with me and I'll show you Austria and take you on a bite-your-nails suspense outing with a bit of sexy love and humor.

Inheriting an Austrian Castle is an Alpine fairytale for August, until someone begins killing the heirs.

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