Thursday, October 18, 2018

WIP Update #RomanticSuspense #series #writing

To refresh your memory, the setting for this new WIP (work in process) is based on a real-life mining town turned ghost town turned tourist town. I fell in love with Jerome, Arizona years ago. In order to have more flexibility with the lay of the land and the history, I've renamed it Joshua. All the people in Joshua are purely from my imagination. This Romantic Suspense Series should keep
Hanging on the side of Spirit Mt.
you turning the pages long into the night. An unsolved murder from 1990 has a bearing on today…especially now that a body, reduced to bones, has been found in the hippie section of town called The Ravine.

Chapter Eight is in the hands of my critique partners. I hope to finish Chapter Nine today. FDW and I took a drive to Jerome, which is where the setting for my Joshua, Arizona Series is modeled after. Now that I’m this far into the book, I found myself seeing the town as if it really was Joshua. The street names were no longer what the street sign designated them. At one point, I told
FDW I needed a shot of the Ghostly Goulash restaurant. He had no idea what I meant.

A section of town call The Ravine plays a big part in my book. As
Looking down into The Ravine.
in real life (the Gulch), the inhabitants of that area do not welcome visitors. This section was where the first hippies mainly settled in the 60s and many of them still live there. We drove a few yards into the area so I could snap some photos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good feel for it. My fictionalized edition is much more vivid to me.

Next month, I’ll share more photos. Now, I’ve got to get deep into my writing cave.
Stairs take you up or down to the next street.
Time to get this story out of my head and onto the page.


  1. I don't think of Arizona as a mining state. I picture a ghost town in Arizona as being one where ranchers used to congregate, until the desert drove them out of business. For folks like me, you might want to mention what was mined there.

    1. Oh sure. Arizona is a copper mining state still but used to be big time. Still pretty big. We're known as the copper state. Also gold. Quite a bit. But I'll do that, David. Thanks.