Thursday, September 5, 2019

In the Book, In the Voice…Inspiration #audio #romance

The first step in taking a book from print to audio is finding the right voice. When I decided to take Sleeping with the Lights On to the next level—audio—I had to listen to auditions for a prospective narrator.

These are the main characters I had to keep in mind when listening to auditions:

Sandra Holiday transplanted to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s originally from Phoenix, Arizona and lived a few years in Las Vegas. She’s a fifty-year-old southwest lady with sass. She approaches her life with a good balance of humor. Can you hear her voice? I certainly could.

Sandra’s ex-husband, Carson Holiday, hails from Texas and although he’s lived many years in Las Vegas, he still has a bit of twang. And he’s a sexy, country singer. Can you hear his voice? I knew what he should sound like.

Wesley is Sandra’s current guy. He’s rich, quirky, and speaks with a fast, clipped voice pattern.

Could I find anyone who could give these characters life?

Lily Dubuque to the rescue. When I heard Lily’s audition, I knew I’d found the narrator that could pull off three very different personalities. If you’re an audio connoisseur, you’re going to be pleased with this listen. And if you're new to audio, you’re going to be equally entertained.

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