Friday, October 18, 2019

The Case of the Fearless #Puppy #FearlessFriday

Amigo, my buddy, my friend. That’s what I call him. I’ve also dubbed him Funny Face, but FDW hates it when I call him that. We can both call him fearless. This guy survived living in a drain pipe as a puppy…he has some scars to prove it. He’s handled adopting FDW and me just as fearlessly.

To recap, we’d searched for a rescue dog and heard about a mixed breed with a sad story back in January. On her way to work each morning, a doggie rescue lady in Gallup, NM, noticed a small dog or puppy living in a
Amigo's first home
culvert with another older dog. These two took care of each other. The older dog was blind, but had his years of experience. The pup was agile and could see. She named them Wylie and Amigo.

Both dogs were placed in foster care. Wylie was several years old and placed in a home that specialized in blind dogs. He was eventually adopted by the foster mom. Amigo was believed to be between nine months and a year. We adopted Amigo and his foster mom cried as we drove away.

Sadi loves Amigo
In the ten months we’ve had Amigo he’s fearlessly lodged his way into our hearts. His feral ways took a few months to conquer. His first instinct was to run each time the door opened or when off his leash. I don’t think he was necessarily running from us, but just running. He wasn’t quite sure where he belonged anymore. But this pup learned pretty fast. He’s turned into a joy. He loves people and most every dog he meets. There are a couple of small dogs here on the Ranch who don’t like him and the feeling is mutual, but otherwise, Amigo knows no enemy.

His favorite thing is retrieving…preferably in the water. Oh, does he love water.
Throw me the stick, FDW

Amigo loves Sadi

He loves our granddaughter, too. She’s a big animal lover, practically a canine whisperer, so they have a great time together.

We’re happy this rescue dog found us. 
Amigo, my buddy, my friend

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