Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Apache Trail - Risky Road to a Beautiful Day

Part of the road seen from the water.
Tortuga Thursday 
In 2012, on the plains of Northern Arizona, two families joined forces and began the trials and tribulations of building a small family farm with nothing in the bank but love.

Happy Tortuga Thursday. Since Frank and I have been in Tonto Basin all week, I'm a little short on farm news, so I'd love to share some pictures of Apache Lake. I don't get out on the water very often. I decided to not get a fishing license this year since most days I write. But I love an occasional lake day, and I hadn't been on Apache Lake in many years.
On the road. Water below.

The road in is narrow, dirt, and a bit treacherous. The Apache Trail
There's a story of someone who lived in a cave.
hasn't changed in decades. It certainly keeps the crowds down so that one of the most gorgeous lakes in Arizona isn't overrun.

The evidence is there.

Rusty waits for Frank to catch a fish.
It was a beautiful day.

Apache Dam

There are areas that look landscaped.

Rusty licks the fish before it goes into the water.

The scenery changes.

A relaxing day to read.


  1. What fantastic photos! Looks like you had a great time. Rusty looks happy too ;)

  2. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous lake and day! Glad you had fun!