Monday, August 5, 2019

Gift from a Muse by Barbara White Daille #Romance #MuseMonday #series


Barbara is a welcomed guest here on Discover... Enjoy her Muse Monday offering.

Thank you to Brenda for inviting me back for Muse Monday.

Sometimes my muse will give me a gift I don’t see coming—a great story twist, a fabulous bit of dialogue, a setting that feels like home to me and to my readers. A while back, one of those gifts came in the form of a character.

A seventy-something, matchmaking grandpa.

In the first book in the Hitching Post Hotel series, Jed Garland just wanted to see his three granddaughters married and settled down. He’s done that and more. And this time, Jed has a little help in the matchmaking business, thanks to a three-year-old boy determined to find a new mommy.

I’ll be honest with you. Writing is by far the most difficult job I’ve ever done, and the gifts don’t show up nearly as often as I like. Yet, the anticipation of finding out what surprise my muse will come up with next makes every day feel like Christmas morning!

Excerpt from The Rancher’s Family:

Cara heard what might have distracted Wes. The sound of shoes slapping against floorboards. Very small shoes, judging by the noises now growing louder and closer.

A moment later, Mark burst into the room waving a sheet of construction paper. “Daddy, I finished my picture!”

He caught sight of her and came to a screeching halt. Eyes wide, he sucked in a deep breath. The paper slipped from his hand and fell, shushing to a stop on the hardwood floor. “Hello! Are you my new mommy?”

Book Blurb:

“Are you my new mommy?”

She certainly hopes so…

After a devastating loss, Cara Leonetti’s dreams of a husband and children are on hold. But Cowboy Creek’s local matchmaker thinks otherwise! And Cara finds herself unexpectedly entangled in the day-to-day family chaos of widower Wes Daniels and his two small children. She’s falling hard, but the strong, silent rancher doesn’t trust in love. Can Cara put her own fears aside and show Wes that they’re stronger together?

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  1. Brenda - it's always a pleasure to visit the blog - thanks so much for inviting me back!

    Readers - hope you enjoyed the post and excerpt. Feel free to leave a comment or question and/or share a favorite unexpected gift you've received.

    1. Good morning, Barbara. Always nice to have you here.