Friday, March 13, 2020

We're Lucky 13 What's Your Number?

Do you have a lucky number? Does Friday the 13th freak you out?

FDW and I have long considered 13 our lucky number. Here's why.

Many years ago, we made the decision to leave Phoenix for Minnesota. When FDW flew to Minneapolis for his job interview, he sat in row 13 on the flight there. When he checked into the hotel room the company secured for him, his room number was 13.

FDW aced the interview and left ahead of me to begin his new job. I had to sell the house and take care of all those things that accumulate after years in one place. The company that hired him arranged a place to live. He moved to a high rise apartment for six months in downtown Minneapolis. You might guess what his apartment number was...1313. And I know
this is pushing it, but he started to work on the 13th.

We've never had such a run since, but that year set us up for eighteen wonderful years in Minnesota. We loved Minnesota and considered 13 an omen of good luck from there forward.

If you have a lucky number story, I'd love to hear it.